Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Getting a lie-in as the clocks change

Winter is fast approaching, already the mornings are dark and the days short with limited time to take in the logs from the log store and empty the ash so having a log store situated close to the house is always useful, as is having an outside light!

Dorset Log Stores offer a range to suit most budgets
Our Dorset Log Stores come in a wide range of sizes
to suit most locations and budgets 

Getting the fire lit in the evening and snuggling up feeling cosy from the glow of an open fire or log burner is a very satisfying feeling, better still if a lovely candle is flickering on the mantle piece and your favourite TV programme is on.
Part of the Dorset Log Stores' Fireside Range
Fireside accessories
and baskets add style
to any fireplace

You probably have a bedtime routine that means you stir through the embers to make sure they are under control ensuring there is nothing likely to stray from the grate, put up the fire guard and make sure the candle is out before you head up to bed and after a few nights it becomes the norm. How many times have you wondered if you did those things, only to wander down to the cold and realise that you did them without thinking?

Do you have the same habit when it comes to testing your smoke alarm though? Ideally your smoke alarm should be tested once a week, a quick poke with the vacuum cleaner pole will usually get the desired result without having to balance on chairs or get the ladder out.  We are urged by the Fire Brigade to use the end of British Summer Time this weekend to do the #TickTockTest to check the battery. 

Did you know that in England an average of 7,600 chimney fires occur every year? If you haven't yet had your chimney swept, you might like check out our how-to sweep a chimney blog or find a local chimney sweep. According to statistics, in the majority of fatal house fires, smoke alarms were either absent or did not go off - and a common cause was missing or flat batteries. Sadly over 50% of house fire deaths are amongst the over 65s so as well as checking your own smoke alarm, take a few minutes to check that of an elderly relative or neighbour. 

Having made the life saving decision to check your smoke alarm battery or install a new alarm, you can enjoy the extra hour in bed courtesy of the end of British Summer Time!

For more information on our log stores, you can leave a comment below or call us on 01300 345916 to speak to a member of the Dorset Log Stores team.

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Thursday, 28 September 2017

Time to get the log store ready for winter

October is here, bringing with it the reduced day-light hours as the clocks get set to change and shorter, colder days make us realise that we don't have long to get ready for keeping ourselves warm this winter.

Choosing your log store

If you are still keeping logs in an untidy pile under a tarpaulin, and feeling less than satisfied when you try and get damp logs to burn, then perhaps it's time to consider purchasing a log store.  See our blog What to look for when choosing a log store 

All Dorset Log Stores are made to the highest quality, using only the finest pressure treated timbers.  Each log store is designed with a 3/4 inch gap between each board to provide superior air flow, minimising the time it takes for your logs to dry. 

If you already have a log store

Before you stack your log store full of logs, it is worth dragging out any remaining logs and giving the inside and outside a thorough sweeping.  Aside from a few cobwebs, which cause limited inconvenience, you are likely to come across leaves that may be blocking the airflow or creating damp spots, or creatures moving in for hibernation.  And whilst we are pleased to make room for the odd hedgehog that wants to make the log store their winter home, we are less impressed when we take the logs indoors on an wintry evening and are confronted with sleepy wasps!

Preserving your log store

All our log stores are made of FSC Swedish Redwood that has been treated against fungal attack and rot by the Tanalith-E® process (pressure treatment), a modern, environmentally friendly treatment to prolong the life of your log store. And we offer a 15 year warranty with all Dorset Log Stores, Garden Stores & Wheelie Bin Stores against fungal attack and rot. 
That said, depending on the age and location of your log store, green or brown fungal growth may be visible, this can be scrubbed off with a stiff brush before it takes hold and makes the log store look unsightly.

Having emptied, brushed and scrubbed, the next step would be to pick a dry day to apply two coats of Restol wood oil to the exterior and roof (if timber) to ensure a weather-proof log store, which will look even smarter.  It is a high quality linseed based oil that dries quickly and is especially good for pressure treated timber.

Stacking logs

When your new logs finally arrive, and you see the massive task ahead to get them all stacked, try to resist the urge to just throw them in!  Stacking logs in neat rows will allow air to circulate, helping to dry and season the wood ready for easy burning. Further more, on those dark evenings when it's time to fetch the logs in, you won't have to worry that logs will fall on you, or on any children that might feel the temptation to climb or hide in the log store. See our 'How To Stack Logs' blog.

The Arch Log Store
For more information on our log stores, you can leave a comment below or call us on 01300 345916 to speak to a member of the Dorset Log Stores team. 

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Thursday, 1 December 2016

Check the quality when buying log stores online

There are a lot of log stores and garden stores available to buy online and the price varies, more often than not in line with the quality.  Here at Dorset Log Stores we have a range of designs for a variety of locations but we only make them here in the UK and to help you do a comparison, here are our reasons why we think it’s worth paying that little bit more for one of our high quality Dorset Log Stores or Garden Stores.

We carefully choose the timber for our Dorset Log Stores

All of our timber in our Dorset Log Stores comes from one small Swedish mill in the north of Sweden.  This means that we can control the quality of the timber from the chainsaw right here to Dorset where we can make your log store or garden store.

All our timber is tanalised, that is pressure treated with preservative that’s eco-friendly to make it last a long, long time.  When the timber reaches us in here in Dorset we take it from its packs and stack it in tall stacks to allow air to get between the layers to reduce the humidity of the timber down to an ambient humidity so it’s ready to build your log stores or garden stores.

Each one of our Dorset Log Stores is hand crafted by our skilled craftsmen and women 

The timber is then brought into the workshop and our cutter goes through the timber cutting out the lengths required to build the product, removing sections of the timber that are not up to the standard we approve of. The elimination of that portion of the timber increases the quality of the log store or garden store that you get from us.

All the timber is then taken from our cutters to our carpenters ready to build your product.  All the ends are sanded and then sanded some more, to give a professional finish and then to all the cut ends we apply a product called EnseleTM which is a treatment to apply a preservative to the open cut ends of the timber. This isn’t normal in our industry but it is something we do because it preserves the timber better.

At Dorset Log Stores we offer a 15 year warranty against fungal attack and rot

All the timber that comes from Sweden to us is slow grown that means that over the cold northern winters it takes a long long time for a tree to get to a size where it can be cut down and made into lumber to build your log store. 

The growth rings are close together. That means that it is dense and  hard timber and will last for years.  Your log store or garden store is built from thick heavy sections of timber.  If you see the timber used on our garden stores, it’s dense, heavy, solid, solid timber, this is joinery timber – it’s not fencing grade timber that other companies use. All the hardware used on your log store or garden store is heavy duty galvanised, dipped in zinc. Again, to last for years and years.  All the screws that hold it together are plated and painted to give double protection.  And any nails that are used or roof fixings, are stainless steel, so the galvanising will not go on them because they are stainless steel, they will last forever.

On this log store we have red cedar shingles. These are Canadian red cedar shingles, certified for use on houses.  On our slate roofed log stores and garden stores, we use a polyester slate, again certified for use on houses, will not fade, will not shatter, will last for years and years.  On our timber roofed log stores we use a heavy duty 25mm tongue and groove ship lap section that prevents moisture getting in and will last for years. 

Dorset Log Stores’ Log Stores and Garden Stores are built for you here in Dorset by British Craftsmen with care and pride, that’s why we think that they’re worth that little bit extra.

Along with our range of Log Stores, Wheelie Bin Stores, Recycling Stores, Garden Stores, Delivery Boxes and Welly Houses we also offer Wicker Log Baskets of Rattan, Willow and Ash, and numerous Fireside Accessories. Visit our website to buy log stores online with FREE STANDARD DELIVERY throughout most of the UK

Friday, 29 July 2016

The To-Do List for Cleaning Your Log Store

It's summer and the sun seems to be shining on Great Britain; or at the very least it's not raining on it. As counter-intuitive as it seems, now is the best time to get ready for winter. The last thing you want to do is get to October and realise that you are not ready for the cold nights.

Below are three ways you can get your Log Store ready for another winter, be it cold or wet.

  1. Your log supply should be fairly low at this time of year, before re-stocking, take all of the remaining logs out of your store and give the inside a good brush and sweep out. Remove any detritus and leaves that could be blocking air flow and causing damp areas come wet weather.
  2. Take the opportunity of emptying your log store to re-stack any remaining logs properly. Logs properly stacked will air and dry to be fire-ready far quicker. Your winter delivery of logs can then be easily stacked upon arrival. 
  3. Give your log store a good going over and clean. A good stiff brush down to remove and green organic matter and keep the timber looking fresh. To further preserve the timber give the log store a coat of Restol Wood Oil. A high quality linseed based oil to provide colourless protection for external wood, it is especially good on pressure treated timbers, providing a weather proof layer to your log store. 
Timber Log Stores - Made in the UK
Okeford Log Store with Cedar Shingle Roof
All Dorset Log Stores are made to the highest quality, using only the finest pressure treated timbers. Each log store is designed with a 3/4 inch gap between each board to provide superior air flow, minimising the time it takes for your logs to dry. With rooves designed to effectively shed water and double-plated decking screws used throughout, Dorset Log Stores guarantee their products for up to fifteen years. 

These three simple tasks, performed while the sun is shining or at least it's not raining, will mean come the cold winter nights, and wet winter days, your fire will be ready to keep you warm and dry with properly seasoned logs from your log store. 

If you have any questions about our Log Stores why not leave a comment below, or call us on 01300 345016 to speak to a member of the Dorset Log Stores team. 

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Thursday, 15 October 2015

How to Stack Logs

I take a perverse pleasure in everything involved in getting ready for winter, chopping the logs and cutting kindling and then waiting for the first night that is cold enough to justify lighting a fire. Here in Dorset the nights are beginning to get colder and another job on the list is stacking my firewood to make sure it is ready for the fire. 

Firewood just dumped in a heap will not dry and does not burn well.

There is nothing more disappointing than getting a fire going and having it go out. Or worse still creating a smoky smelly fire without any heat, all because of damp logs. Ordering firewood is something owners of log burners and fireplaces are used to, but if it isn't then properly stacked to air and dry, your fire will end in disaster. 

Dorset Log Stores log pile
A Pile of Logs Will Not Dry

  1. Choose A log Store with Care There are lots of log stores to choose from and inevitably the amount of space you have available will be a determining factor and taking time to consider your purchase will pay dividends. Here at Dorset Log Stores we have a range of log stores of all different sizes and designs to fit into any garden. 
  2. Think about where your log store is located To ensure good air flow, your log store should ideally be sited on a concrete or gravel base, avoiding soil and grass. Standing away from walls and garden buildings will further ensure the air can move freely and maximise the drying of your firewood. Exposure to a sunny aspect is always preferable and will also help dry any moist or unseasoned logs. Visit our info page for more advice.
  3. Stack logs with maximum ventilation Apart from looking tidy, stacking your logs in neat rows allows you to take advantage of all the space available and more importantly, allows air to circulate enabling logs to dry and season. To ensure proper drying, ventilation is key and our log stores have a ¾" (19mm) gap between each board to ensure an adequate airflow, to remove the moisture from your logs in the shortest possible period. It is always interesting to see how heavy the logs are when they first arrive and how light they have become after they have been seasoned.
  4. Be safe When stacking your log store think about protecting your hands from splinters by wearing gloves, and squashed toes by wearing sturdy footwear. To ensure your log pile remains stable, do not stack too high and do not leave spaces large enough for children or pets to crawl between.

For more information on our log stores, you can leave a comment below or call us on 01300 345916 to speak to a member of the Dorset Log Stores team. 

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Please Leave Safe

Do you get that sinking feeling when you go to your post box and find that little card from the courier or postie saying that your parcel has been 'left safe' or worse still "undelivered". It's always the same, you pop out for a few minutes to the shop or to walk the dog and that the exact moment they choose to make the delivery. 

Whilst delivery drivers try to find ingenious ways to deliver when we are out, including leaving in the recycling bin, under the wheelbarrow or with a well intentioned neighbour, there is still the frustrated feeling when you can't just come home to find your goods have been safely delivered. 

Dorset Log Stores - Parcel Storage
The Parcel Delivery Hut
I am loathe to mention that Christmas is fast approaching and already the tins of chocolates and seasons greetings cards are beginning to appear on the supermarket shelves, but the reality is that more of us are shopping on-line and will be receiving our shopping by mail this year. If you don't want soggy parcels or to chase around the neighbourhood then Dorset Log Stores have the answer. The Parcel Delivery Hut means never having to wait-in again!

Parcel delivery solutions from the Dorset Log Stores
iBin for Parcel Storage
Built to our high standards with quality tanilith-e treated timbers and with either a locking latch or a combination bolt, the parcel delivery hut is a stylish and robust weatherproof store. Supply the courier with the code for the combination bolt and it means that multiple deliveries can be made all day to your Parcel House whilst you are out. 

If you feel like you don't have room for a Parcel Delivery Hut but you still need something that will take care of the 'leave-safe' criteria. Made in the UK, the iBin is 16" x 16" x 28" (h), a lockable tough metal box in a range of colour options. If a signature is required, the iBin has a unique label affixed to the underside of the lid which is accepted as a delivery signature when scanned by the courier.

Once installed, both items offer you a complete solution for all your future home deliveries. Of course if these parcel delivery boxes are too large then perhaps a post box would be more suitable?

For more information on our post and parcel boxes you can leave a comment below or call us on 01300 345916 to speak to a member of our team. 

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Friday, 18 September 2015

Recycle Rubbish Rugby

Recycling signs from Dorset Log StoresThe Rugby World Cup can mean only one thing for some households, having a few mates round and watching the matches. It certainly will in my home. The downside of having all these people around is that there is always plenty of cans and bottles for the recycling (especially if England is winning). 

Get tidy with a recycling bin store from Dorset Log StoresHaving traipsed the wheelie bin down the drive a few times only to find that everyone else seems to be putting out their food waste happens to me more often than you'd think. With handy painted reversible wooden signs on hand to help those mornings where your head is a little more delicate and avoid ending up in the "Sin Bin" with your local authority. 

"Tackling" the fortnightly glass recycling box can be a messy business, especially at this time of year when it can be raining, making carrying it tricky, especially if you are dressed for work. A recycling box store help keeps everything dry and tidy. A removable mid-shelf makes this versatile store useful for two standard size recycling boxes or a mix of the food waste caddy or general paper recycling.

If you’re fed up with the sight of the ugly wheelie bins standing like sentries in the garden, or if you found the bins getting smelly in the hot weather over the summer, check out the full range of our wheelie bin recycling stores.  Each is made to suit the standard 140 or 240 litre bins, or as a combination of wheelie bins and recycling boxes.   

Dorset Log Stores
Single Recycling Store
Built in our Dorset workshop, the Dorset Log Stores’ Wheelie Bins are constructed from thick pressure treated Scandinavian redwood timber and are guaranteed for 15 years against fungal attack and rot, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy six weeks of rugby.  For more information on our stores for sorting out your recycling you can leave a comment below or call us on 01300 345916 to speak to a member of our team. 

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